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Ken Page

On the day that man landed on the moon, I purchased my first real camera a Pentax S1a.
With that very manual camera,  I learnt the craft of photography juggling the inter-dependence of  focus, aperture, shutter  and light.
By the late 70's , I  had joined a camera club and enjoyed some success but the pressures of a career and family life put my photography on the back burner.


Five years ago, my passion for photography was reawakened , when we decided to retire, downsize and see the world.
Part of the plan was to find a nice camera club (Duston), mix travelling with photography and embrace the frustrations of digital manipulation.


As a photographer , I try to find subject matter that's unusual or present the image in a manner that begs the viewer to say something about the subject.
even if it's "That Monkey Has Got Ugly Ears "!

Motherly Protection - Bonnet Macaque

And Monty Makes Three

Baker St. Underground Arches

Bee Bumble and the Stingers


Dying to meet you

Hold on to your hat Ma

Old Friends

Ousebank Flood

Phnom Krom Villager

Platform reflections


Tropicana Finale

Two Tone Jono

Up Up and Away

Wolf Dive