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News & Reports

January 15th - Change to advertised programme, The original speaker Mark will be in Italy photographing the new Toro Rosso F1 car so we have brought forward the GB cup, this was scheduled for April 30th. This competition is open to every club in the UK and Duston have figured in the top 4 on more than 1 occassion, expect to see some excellent images. 

January 8th - "I did it my way" The first meeting back after the xmas break is for members to show us a picture and explain how they got it, whether  it was the amount of post camera work you had to do, or to what lenghts you went to get it in the first place.

December  4th - Tony Gervis   "American Adventure"  A wonderful set of pictures from Tony who obviously loved his trips to the states, His love of the rodeos and horses came through with pictures anyone would be proud of.

November 20th
- Sarah Kelman "10,000 Miles of ocean"  That was a fascinating story from an adventurous lady, backed up with some excellant photography
It gives a new meaning to travelogues and this one was enjoyed by everyone who was there.

November 13th - Selfies

Our annual project this year was to take 3 selfies in different places, there was a fair bit of variety and some really good photography
the ones where members had thought outside the box produced the most interesting pictures and raised the biggest laughs

November 6th  - Nigel Spencer
We were treat to some of the best Macro images I've ever seen, a wonderful evening, one in which I would sit through again and again.